DJ justin

About Us

For me, the most important thing is people. Being of service firstly to you, but also your guests and being helpful and cooperating with key people such as the MC who usually uses my cordless mic and coordinates with me as to the format of the evening. My goal is to completely take away the load and the stress of the music and sound side of things, so you can relax and just enjoy the occasion, confidant in the knowledge that you are in good hands.

As a specialist professional wedding Dj of 15 years experience, I find, although not essential, but preferable for me to meet with you first to “iron out details”, but also so I can get a feel of what type of music you want and you can meet me and hear the sound system. This is a free meeting with no obligation. Definitely do not commit to anyone until you have seen me.

I have been custom building sound systems for 20 years and every component has been carefully selected after much research and testing, from the hand made in the US professional mid's and Scandinavian tweeters, to the Yorkville amps, subs that go down to 30hz flat and great lighting effects. And of coarse it will follow, that anyone this passionate about audio design will also be passionate about the music.

All Dj's talk their equipment up so beware, but with me you can be sure that you are hearing the best (by far) sound system in the Waikato.(Possibly NZ) It's simply amazing. Built primarily to sound delicious but with a total of 3600W RMS continuous power it also has plenty of grunt..